Holistic medical practitioners sometimes recommend natural topical gels for genital warts. Some practitioners believe that the natural topical gels can boost the body's immune system and consequently help in the treatment of many skin conditions like genital warts.

Herbal experts contend that these natural topical gels use the body's own defenses to successfully control some of the most common skin conditions. Some of these conditions, like genital warts, can be both physically and psychologically disruptive to patients'' lives. If these topical gels for genital warts successfully help relieve symptoms, patients may be spared embarrassing and potentially painful trips to the doctor's office.

Instead of burning or freezing the sensitive genital areas, natural topical gels (often referred to as immune response modifiers) can be used to optimize the skin's immunity to resolve viral infections like genital warts.

Some of the most popular natural topical gels for genital warts contain ingredients like tea tree oil and salicylic acid to help assist the skin's immune system in fighting viral infections. Some natural topical gels for genital wars contain grapeseed extract, a compound derived from the seeds of the same types of red grapes that are used to make wine. Grapeseed extract is considered to be a highly potent antioxidant and some holistic medicine practitioners believe it has more immune system boosting ingredients than beta-carotene and vitamins E and C.

Natural topical gels for genital warts containing grapeseed extract and/or tea tree oil are available at some pharmacies and most health food stores. Almost all natural remedies are available online.

Many doctors caution against the use of any "natural" remedies for genital warts. While some of these remedies may be harmless if used as directed, others may interfere with other treatments that a patient may be receiving for genital warts. Doctors also warn that using strong chemicals that are available over the counter may irritate the skin in the sensitive genital area.

Even after treatment with natural topic gels, genital warts can reappear, sometimes in larger quantities than before. It is important that infected patients keep a close eye for future outbreaks, and consult their doctor immediately if occurs. It is also important that the patient share the fact that they have genital warts with future sexual partners.

Talk to your doctor about your various treatment options for genital warts. Make sure your physician knows if you are planning to use natural topical gels to treat your genital warts.


Immune Response Modifiers: Compounds contained in natural topical gels that are believed to boost the skin's immune response to genital warts.
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